Thursday, 13 August 2015

Diverse fitness goals

Fitness goals are great! Setting them is a good source of focus and motivation. You might not have written yours down or label it a 'goal', but if you exercise regularly - there's a reason for it.

It could be to lose weight, to get strong, to get abs or perhaps to tone up but keep your curves. It could even be for your mental health, your social life or your self confidence. The list is long and everyone is different.

A common mistake that people make however, is to assume that other people's goals are purely aesthetic and/or the same as their own.

I am frequently forced to grit my teeth while my well-intentioned friends tell me that the sort of exercise I'm doing is not an effective use of my time. They hear that I'm interested in health and fitness and presume that means that my goal is to loose weight so I can look like a Victoria's Secret model. Or maybe to build insane strength and see how heavy I can lift. They don't ask what I'm striving for, they just take a good look at me and say "I know what you could be doing to see better results" and start dishing out advice without a moments pause. At the end, I'm left feeling pretty shit, and they think they've done me a favour.

I've learnt to let it wash over me - I've spent a few years figuring out what works for me and what makes me happy, and I'm proud of how far I've come. But of course it's hard sometimes not to feel a doubt and a dent in confidence when someone is telling you that what you're doing is not good enough.

So if you recognise yourself on either side of the conversation, I hope you can take something positive from this post. Let us celebrate and be more aware of the way in which we all differ, and be gentle and supportive with each other.

Congrats to anyone smashing their goals - whatever those goals are.