Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Are you finding it hard to balance your healthy lifestyle?

Balance is a tricky thing, and when it comes to health and fitness, ironically, it can be easy to develop an unhealthy mental attitude.

There is a buzz around health and fitness at the moment and it's become cool to eat clean and exercise regularly. The trend has seen a huge increase in independent fitness studios, cold press juice bars and online fitness plans the world over. Social media is helping to fuel this fire with a huge scene on Twitter and Instagram, featuring thousands (or dare I say millions?) of images of people's healthy, wholesome food and workout updates. Men and women from around the world are supporting each other to reach their goals, and largely it's a very positive place to be.

The negative side to all of this however is the pressure that can build in people striving for perfection and the lives of those they follow online. It's common for people to forget the importance of a good sense of balance.

It's extremely easy to create an Instagram feed that portrays a certain lifestyle, but what can be forgotten is how controlled the content is. Of course that person is going to upload images of their exotic fruit platters and sweat soaked mirror selfies, but they'll probably chose to omit a snap of the chocolate muffin they scoffed later in the day for fear of losing all of their followers. And then there are the personal trainers posting endless pictures of their abs and doling out paragraphs of advice, but ultimately it is their full time job to workout, and not everyone has that sort of time on their hands.

You can either find great inspiration or slow building pressure behind this trend, and it's important to recognise the warning signs of an unhealthy mental attitude developing. If you find that you're constantly comparing yourself to others, setting unachievable goals and then beating yourself up when you fail, or if you seem to yoyo from 100% commitment to 0% and back again, it might be time to take a step back and consider the bigger picture. Find a good balance and you'll ultimately find a lifestyle that you can keep up.

Nix the guilt, up the positivity, and if you really want to - eat that damn burger.